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Sleep Training Package

Sleep Training Course that helps you establish a consistent routine for your baby, ensure a healthy sleep foundation, and sleep training successfully!

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Your baby becomes more independent in their sleep routine, needing less assistance from you.
Best-case scenario: Your baby can sleep on their own with minimal or no support (usually less than 5 minutes).

The Power of
POH’s Sleep Training Courses

Unlock the incredible benefits of our sleep training course and watch your baby thrive:
Your baby's nighttime sleep becomes longer, minimizing disruptions during the day.
Best-case scenario: Your baby sleeps 10-12 hours at night, waking up for feeding only 1-3 times and falling back to sleep immediately. Once your baby weighs over 6kg, they can sleep through the night for 10-12 hours without needing to eat.
With your baby's improved sleep, you'll have valuable time to recharge and take care of yourself.
Relax and unwind, knowing your baby is peacefully sleeping.

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Save Costs With The Flexible Online Sleep Training Course Package

Say goodbye to age-specific packages
Eliminate the dilemma of choosing between different age-specific packages
Regardless of whether your child is approaching three months or beyond, our course equips you with age-appropriate knowledge
No additional purchases are required, saving you both time and money

Comprehensive knowledge for 6 months
Gain all the necessary insights and techniques to support your child's sleep training for the next six months
No need to purchase multiple course packages for different age ranges
Save expenses and have peace of mind knowing you have everything covered

Easy and convenient learning on the POH App
Access course materials effortlessly through the user-friendly POH app
Study and review the content whenever and wherever it's convenient for you
Seamlessly integrate learning into your daily routine
Six-Month course activation period
Enjoy access to course materials for a generous six-month period
Learn at your own pace and revisit the content whenever needed
No rush or pressure—take your time to absorb the valuable information
Experience the flexibility and cost-saving benefits of our online course package. Start your journey towards better sleep for your child and yourself today.

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Enroll now and gain unlimited access to comprehensive sleep training knowledge at an affordable price. 
6 months of access to the course at any age.
20 video lessons
Hours of learning
Other knowledge

Online Package

Extremely convenient and easy to learn directly Sleep Training Course on the POH App.




1 week of 1-on-1 consultation + online course package. The price was reduced from $199 to $149.

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