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    Jun Do's story

    Today in Seoul, I reflect on our journey with POH Sleep. We've had no support due to Covid-19, but through struggles and learning, we've triumphed. From the moment I knew I was pregnant, I have no idea about routine and sleep training. Though initially difficult, the day came when we decided to join POH Sleep. It was just us, but we try to do this. Though we faced tough times, with our baby's constant crying and my struggle to keep up, the consultant at POH guided us patiently. My child now sleeps independently and transitions sleep cycles easily. He also has learned to play by himself, giving me time to take care of the house and myself. So, for moms, routine is a lifestyle for the child's entire life, and consistency is key. After all, we thank everyone who's supported us through our journey, and most of all, thank you, my child, for being with me, always healthy and happy.

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    Selena's story

    Meet Adam, the first child of a 24-year-old mother and a 28-year-old father. Like any first-time parents, we were overwhelmed, clueless, and anxious. Everyone had something to say about parenting, causing our anxiety to hit the roof. I felt suffocated, dreaded the break of dawn, and wanted to burst into tears each time my husband left for work. But the confusion couldn't hold me back. As the primary caregiver, I wanted to quell this uncertainty, and that's when I discovered POH Sleep. And now, Adam is an 'angelically well-behaved' baby, according to grandparents and others. He doesn't confuse day with night, doesn't need a pacifier to sleep, sleeps 11-12 hours a night, and stopped night feeding at 9 weeks. POH Sleep is just amazing.

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    Meadow's story

    In those first weeks of motherhood, a cloud of postpartum depression and loneliness engulfed me. My son's erratic sleep and feeding cycles kept me on edge, while my husband's understanding fell short. But then, a glimmer of hope shone through the cloud - POH Sleep. It was a grueling transition. Sleep-deprived and emotionally drained, I felt close to breaking. But the encouraging words of the consultant of the course were my beacon. My son gradually adapted to the new schedule, his cries lessened, his sleep lengthened, and his feeding became regular. And I, too, started to heal. Our journey was tough, but we've emerged stronger. Today, at 20 weeks, my son is thriving. And me? I've found my strength as a mother and a woman. My relationship with my husband has improved, and I am happier, filled with renewed hope and love.

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    Chinmayi's story

    The transformations that POH Sleep has brought to my son: Sleep: 100% self-sleep with a pacifier. Day-to-night sleep cycle transitions are at 60% and 100% respectively. Wakes up slightly after 5 AM. Eating: 150-160ml per feed, a daily total of 700ml. Night feeds stopped at four months to enhance daytime eating efficiency for solid food transition. Play: Prefers lying to being held due to early independent play. Can roll both sides but not onto their back. With adequate sleep and food, they're content. I can step out anytime thanks to the routine we had established (Everyone can feed my son, and help him sleep all night)

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    Corbin's story

    Life-changing! POH Sleep worked wonders for my baby's sleep. Highly recommend!

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    Otis's story

    My baby's sleep improved significantly after taking this course. Thank you!

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    Benedict's story

    I didn't expect it and I didn't dare to dream it either, now I can lie in a hammock and enjoy Facebook, how could I have this moment before (I can't even brush my teeth at 1 a.m because my daughter still plays) Before I thought that my child wouldn't be able to fulfill my dream until I buy POH Sleep. She has had enough milk and sleeps from 7 pm now. I'm going to succeed, my dear

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    Eugene's story

    I write this right after a successful sleep from my baby. Yesterday, I put her down on the crib and she really could sleep on her own.

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    Edsel's story

    Our little Doe has managed to sleep independently, both day and night. Like clockwork, his nocturnal cries rang out, a loud protest before he eased into quiet. I held my breath and wait silently. Twenty minutes passed and then, just like magic, he slept. And I don't know if he can get through the light sleep stages tonight smoothly, but compared to a few weeks ago, the progress is astounding. I just wanted to express my profound thanks to you.

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    Dai's story

    I had mixed results with POH Sleep. Some tips were helpful, but others didn't seem to work for my baby's sleep.

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